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Quarkclan Monthly Cost.

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I am making this topic because some of you already asked me where does the donations money go.
Here I am going to show you that we do not spend your money in anything else than servers and the forum.
The game servers run on separate servers from the forum in order to add reliability in case of an attack.

ET and TS3 (VPS)
4.84 € monthly

Rust server (managed)
$11.10 monthly, ~9.80 €

Forum (dedicated server)
$40 monthly, ~36 €

Conclusion (EUR)
   4.84 €
+  9.80 €
+ 36.00 €

  50.64 €

As far as I know the donation goal have always been reached since AbO made this great donation bar!* :) (Around September, 2012)
So I just wanted to keep you guys informed about where your money goes.


* excluding the months that the forum was down due to DOS attacks in early 2016

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