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How To Leave QuarkClan

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You don't.

I noticed there was a topic outlining how to join QuarkClan and I didn't find a counterpart, so I decided to be productive and make this!

First thing you'll have to do is carefully read through this topic: http://www.quarkclan...about-it-twice/ "When you want to leave us, think about it twice." Which can be found as the only pinned topic in the Quit QuarkClan section [http://www.quarkclan...it-quarkclan] It tells you what to think about before making this final decision that can be "difficult to reverse".

Next, you'll have to click on the Start New Topic button:
Posted Image

You can then write down your final goodbyes and give a reason for quitting:

Posted Image

Final step is to click on Post New Topic. Lastly, if you do go through with this, I'd like to personally thank you on behalf of QuarkClan for spending your time with us.
Posted Image

Just kidding, that wasn't the final step. At this point, you'll probably be getting a ton of replies asking you to set yourself inactive and the pressure put on you will most likely make you change your mind and say that you'll stay. In some cases, it may be too late and you may already have been set to Ex-Member level, because an admin hates you or something. If that happens, you'll have to wait a week and then make a topic to Rejoin, following this format.

Hope you enjoyed reading, and feel a little bit more informed than you may have been before. And leave responsibly! :smile:

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