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Hall Of Fame

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Quarkclan's Legends. These members really left a mark in Quarkclan, either by their insane activity or their unique style.

Posted ImageTor'h
A very important piece to Quarkclan's success.
ET mentor and oldschool Quarkie, he had the solution to the problems faced by the community in ET.
His experience and maturity helped Quarkclan to rise!
Posted ImageJane
Skilled with the brushes and the sniper, famous by her banhammer. This is no ordinary woman.
Her drawing skills were immense and her love for the sniper even more at the point of creating a sniper scrimteam!
Posted ImageKrisu
Remarkably active figure. Krisu not only took a big part in scrimteam subjects but also was skilled in web development.
He sided with Vasili on trying to make ET more enjoyable and, most importantly, he was the original designer of Quarkclan's ET Menu!
Posted ImageSpeeD
Important figure in the scrimteam business, he brought unity and stability between all scrimteams with his ideas and innovations!
Posted ImageWendy
Most active female panzerist yet, being one of the responsibles for keeping the Panzer Server alive!
Posted ImageMastur De Beer
Friendly and social guy, being the one to popularize the community. Thanks to him, these figures in this page got to be in this community. The origin to our essence.
Posted ImageJwz-Swa
Loved by all, he cared for everyone in the community. He brought union between everyone as he infected everyone with his friendly moods!
Posted ImageMichele
Installed good atmosphere in the servers instead of simply playing.
Original, creative, a good friend.
Posted ImageLuvRulz
Skilled graphic designer and Photoshopper. Besides his epic signature shop, he was also a Trickjump lover. He spent an admirable amount of effort leading our TJ server.
Posted ImageRif
Dedicated to the ET servers from the beginning, he was always at the servers - even at the darkest of times. He shared his knowledge that helped us in every aspect. The thing some loved about him was the fact that he was a competitive guy but always had a friendly manner and never hesitated to help others.
Posted ImageFox
This Trickjump lover is one of the keepers who maintained the forum during our darker times. He was a remarkable member who spread musical preferences and advice all over Quarkclan. A real friend to all those who knew him. Besides becoming one of the main pillars of our community, he also became an example - a true role model.